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Sleep and Workout Recovery

Do you follow an effective workout plan, train hard, and diet consciously but still feel like you're not making any progress? The culprit may be a lack of sleep...

What is Muscle Soreness and is it Good?

Do you ever feel nauseous when working out or suffer from intense muscle pain a day or two after your workout? Don't worry...

Gym & Fitness Terms

Here's a list of the of the most common terms for quick reference...

Effective Training Techniques: High Intensity Interval Training

Do you spend most of your time running on a treadmill or using an elliptical at the gym? It's important to train your cardiovascular system, but...

Effective Training Techniques: Periodization

What happens if you always bench press 3 sets x 8 reps x 135 lbs with 90 seconds of rest between sets every week? Your body will adapt by first...

Effective Training Techniques: Isolation vs Compound

Choosing the wrong combination of exercises can significantly hinder your progress and even prevent you from hitting your goals entirely...

How to Choose the Right Strength Training Plan

There isn't one "best" strength training program. What's best for you depends on your goals and preferences. You should choose a strength training program that...

Why Should You Choose Strength Training?

Strength training offers a wide range of health boosting effects that aren't as easily attainable through other exercise options...

What are your goals?

Do you want to build muscle or trim fat? Maybe both? Or something else? CoachBot will design a personalized program based on your fitness goals, experience, and preferences.

Go with a plan.

Your personalized program will be 12 weeks long and is built using modern training techniques. Let CoachBot motivate and push you past any plateaus.

Easy to follow.

CoachBot adjusts your program week to week based on your progress and feedback. You even get to choose how many days a week you want to go, so you'll never miss a workout.

Master the form.

Watch every exercise from multiple angles to learn the proper form and technique. Get tips about everything from feet position to breathing to bar paths.

Check it off.

Do the suggested weights and reps or, if they're not quite right, give it an adjustment. Each set you finish helps CoachBot build you a better program.

Visualize your progress.

Trying to reach a new bodyweight, go to the gym consistently, or get stronger? Get insights on your progress and stay motivated with the built-in analytics.

Start today.

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